Team Leaders

Our team is led by seasoned senior experts in each area of specialty. We can scale quickly and easily, which helps keep our productivity up and our costs down. Team leaders play a key role in client business from the inception, and remain intricately involved in every client relationship. We have strong, ongoing relationships with partners in relevant areas (PR, Research, etc.) who we can bring in to collaborate whenever needed.

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Julie Towne VP / Creative Director

Julie Towne

Julie has more than 25 years of ad agency experience building brands in healthcare, high-tech, retail, and packaged goods. A writer by trade, she has spent the last 15 years as a creative director...

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Stacey Paynter Strategic Consultant

Stacey Paynter

Stacey applies 25+ years of experience in marketing to develop solutions that link a client’s brand more strongly to their business goals and bottom line...

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T.J. Wylie Digital Program Manager

T.J. Wylie

T.J. has over 15 years of program management experience, leading teams of various technical and creative backgrounds delivering enterprise level digital solutions…

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Tiffany Trueman Account Supervisor

Tiffany Trueman

Tiffany has over 10 years of advertising experience, both agency and client side, and she has worked in media planning and account management...

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Trish Sagare Senior Art Director

Trish Sagare

Trish has more than 15 years of graphic design experience. Her ability to organize, multi-task, and prioritize make her a key player on any size project...

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Leah Markos Senior Art Director

Leah Markos

Leah’s sophisticated design sense, attention to detail, and strict adherence to brand standards make her an invaluable asset to Compass...

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Freddie McKenna Senior Copywriter

Freddie McKenna

Freddie has broad expertise across all media and a myriad of categories. She has done award-winning work in consumer advertising...

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